Frying in Freiburg

If living in the north of Scotland has taught me anything its never leave the house without an assortment of jackets (one for cold, one for rain, one for both). Although we do have sunny warm weather on occasion, it has been unseasonably chilly and wet at home recently, even for the north of Scotland. I have become so accustomed to expecting cold/drizzle that I didn’t even bother to check the weather in Freiburg before leaving home, so I packed the waterproofs and down-jacket as per usual. This may have been an oversight. Despite reading Lonely Planet’s description of Freiburg as ‘Germany’s warmest city’ ((before leaving home), I am still slightly surprised by how hot it is here. Its going to be 32 degrees in Freiburg tomorrow. Fortunately, every other shop is an ice-cream cafe. Its a beautiful place, with little picturesque cobblestone streets (although those cobblestones are less picturesque when lugging a wheelie bag full of jackets). It is in the south-west of Germany, near the border with France and Switzerland, and it is a popular destination for visitors to the Black Forest. And of course the forests are what interest me, because they contain wildcats. I’ll be meeting with my first expert of the trip tomorrow, and I have my long list of interview questions ready to go … then the Felis silves-trip can really begin!


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