Frankfurt was the second destination of the trip, primarily as a base for exploring the surrounding area, and for my meeting with conservation geneticist, Carsten Nowack (Senckenberg Research Institute). Frankfurt was extremely hot, extremely busy, and extremely fun. Alice Bacon (wildcat tour companion) arrived a few days into my stay, and we began by sampling all the local delicacies:

Giant wieners

Green sauce day

Alice also arrived in time for ‘Green sauce day’, which turned out to be a very fun festival where all the foods are served with something called green sauce. It is a sauce, that is green. It came with a bratwurst and some bread. And some beers. And some entertainment – great times were had by all.

The view south from Frankfurt centre looking over the Main river. The bridge was covered in padlocks. Mine would have said: ‘Keri loves wildcats 4 EVER June 2019’
View from the top of the Kaiser Dom (cathedral). I had to walk up a tiny dark twisty staircase of 328 steps to get this photo, and I am almost certain that it wasn’t worth it. The combination of heat, dark, steps, and walking up steps almost resulted in vomit.

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