Girls on tour

I am a bit behind on these blogs as our WiFi access became tricky after leaving Frankfurt, so I’m going to post a lot of updates today (just in case anyone is still reading them), and beginning with the leaving of Frankfurt, which is important because it involves the addition of a significant team member: Agnes the Mokka (pictured below).

The lady at Avis car rentals took pity on us almost immediately, and having labelled us ‘Girls on Tour’, proceeded to give us a free upgrade to a larger vehicle. This announcement was not greeted with the joy and enthusiasm she was expecting, however, because this ‘car rental from Frankfurt city centre and driving out of it and not hitting anything or dying for 2 weeks’ challenge just became even more challenging with the thought of more car to manoeuvre. Challenge 1 was actually finding the car, hidden deep within a multi-storey car park in the old town of central Frankfurt. This task achieved, we assessed the size and makeup of the beast:

The car was larger than expected, I recall it as being at least twice my height


Challenge 2: get into the car on the right (correct) side of the car. As follows:

A schematic showing the inside frontal area of the car. As you can see, everything is not where it is supposed to be.

Thankfully, the left and right arms were both up for the challenge, and we practiced their reversed roles on a few laps of the multi-storey, until the stares from local car-parkers became too embarrassing.

Challenge 3: the wrong side of the road

Upon exiting the car park, one must battle every animal instinct and proceed to the wrong side of the road. Unfortunately, we also went in the wrong direction, so one must then proceed to also turn around on the wrong sides of the road.


Challenge (5?) can’t remember there have been so many …

Navigation. Get the heck out of Frankfurt old town and its many many obstacles, including people on foot, people on bikes, and people in cars. Thankfully, I had Alice in the passenger seat desperately interpreting the rambling of two smart phones, and we made it out alive.

Navigate THIS! We have to get back IN there again soon …

Needless to say, the successful arrival at our next destination an hour out of town was met with much celebrating, congratulating and back-patting. What an achievement. Well done to all! (And in case you are interested, we visited a UNESCO world heritage site where they found loads of fossils, particularly those showing horse evolution, called Grube Messel. The tour was in German but we understood bits of it (except the part about a volcanic eruption there in 1977, which seemed unbelievable, and then we later found out was unbelievable as they actually said it was millions of years ago).

The Messel pit, very interesting. An old lake (Eocene) formed after a volcanic eruption and the sediments were then quarried as ‘oil shale’, and they are full of fossils, including fish, frogs, mammals (including primates) and a little pre-horse.

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