The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (WCMT) is a UK charity whose purpose is to provide educational opportunities overseas for UK citizens from all walks of life, that will benefit themselves and also their communities, professions and the nation as a whole.

The Churchill Fellowships

“Travel to learn, return to inspire”


The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust runs the Churchill Fellowships, a unique programme of overseas research grants. Every year the WCMT award 150 fellowships. These fund outstanding individuals to travel for 4-8 weeks, anywhere in the world, researching a topic of their choice among global leaders in their field. On their return the WCMT help them to share their global learning with professions and communities across the UK.

The fellowship was created by public subscription in 1965 as the living legacy of Sir Winston Churchill. Since then, the WCMT has made over 5,500 grants to inspiring individuals who possess the passion and commitment to make a real difference.

My Fellowship Award

My fellowship project is called “Collaboration breeds success: solving hybridisation in the Scottish wildcat” and it will allow me to visit wildcat researchers across continental Europe over a period of 6 weeks (Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Sicily, Hungary).

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